How to Fix Account Error -9 in Minecraft

Account Error -9 in Minecraft

Minecraft, the best 3D sandbox construction game developed by Mojang is still one of the top-played games around the globe.

The finest thing related to this game is, is no mission to accomplish.

The game revolves around you, building your own virtual world by finding the raw material by searching mining and building structures.

This game is full of fun, but what if it shows an error? Error likes of ‘Error Code-9?’

Obviously, all craze and fun element of the game goes into wain, and your all constructive energy goes into fixing the error.

The height of craziness reaches when you don’t even know why the error is being shown, and thus you can’t fix the error because you never know where to start.

The same IS about error code 9…. This error can have more than one reason in a different version of Minecraft.

Like, since version 1.14.20, the error code-9 displays when there is an internet disconnectivity issue on ps4. And it sometimes also be shown when you play games remotely.

So, how to know why the error code-9 is being surfaced, and even if you could learn the specific reason, how would you be able to fix that error?

This is what we are going to help you guys with, helping in finding the problem and fixing it.

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What triggers Account Error code-9?

When coders or designers design a program and develop it, they anticipate the occurrence of the error.

If there are errors and glitches in the programs or software unanticipated, this is where a program or code shows error code 9.

Error code 9 typically shows that the programs or codes running at the same time are not compatible.

It can occur due to memory leaks, memory problems, graphics incompatibility, or virus infection.

So, in Minecraft too, you can’t pinpoint why the error code 9 was encountered in opening or launching the Minecraft game.

But the issue or problem should be addressed right away and fixed to avoid further damages or errors.

So in this guide, I am going to mention some of the most common reasons why error code 9 in Minecraft shows encounters, and how you can fix different problems.

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Internet Explorer

You never know why in your Minecraft error code 9 is being shown. You can try all these methods including internet explorer, and see what works for you.

If the error is because of the internet explorer, press the windows icon, and it will show apps and icons, search for internet options, click on the advanced tab and then click on the reset button.

Code Error -9 Internet properties 2

In the same advanced tab of the internet options windows, you should disable script debugging. Mark the radio button on the disable script debugging tab.

Code Error -9 Internet properties 3

In the same tab, also uncheck the display notification about every script error, and click x`xon apply or OK button. Reboot your computer, hope this will fix the error you are facing.Code Error -9 Internet properties 4

Low disk space

Low disk space too can lead to error code 9 runtime error in Minecraft. To fix this issue, you are not required to hire a professional, but to free the disk space.

If there is a good space left in the memory, and you still getting the error, maybe you should go for cleaning up your disk.

Actually, there remain chunk files or memory files in the disk that stay there if you don’t clean up.

To get this done, you may use CCleaner software, or manually do it from your computer.

Click on MY PC-> right-click on the C drive, open properties, and there you will see a disk clean-up option.

When you click Okay, it will start erasing temporary files and a pop-up may surface asking for permission to clean the disk.

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Uninstalling an inflicting program

If you are sure that you are getting the error after installing a specific program or application, uninstalling that program too can help you easily eradicate the error code-9 issue.

If you don’t know how to uninstall a program, press the Windows button on your Keyboard, and a search bar will appear, just search for the control panel, and you will get all the control panel options and controls.

From there, click on programs, or uninstall a program tab.

Code Error -9 Control Panel

From that uninstall or change program tab, you search for the program or application that you know is conflicting with Minecraft.

If you are not certain about the program or app, you can search for the program or app that you didn’t install on your computer, but somehow it’s there, if you find any, right-click on that app, and uninstall it.

Reinstalling the graphics card

You can uninstall the graphics card driver from the device manager, and uninstall the integrated or dedicated graphics card driver from the menu.

Then you can install the latest driver from the official site such as AMD, Intel, or Nvidia.

Reinstall the runtime libraries

If you still not getting the issue fixed, then from the same program and features tab where you tried to uninstall a program, you can uninstall the package running the libraries.

You can find Microsoft visual C++ redistributable package, and uninstall it.

  • After uninstalling, reboot your computer
  • And install the redistributable package from Microsoft again.
  • Hope this will fix the problem.

Check your Internet connection

If you still can’t fix the issue, double-check your internet connection and follow me here.

Close the Minecraft app on your computer, and check if your operating system on the device is fully updated.

If you are playing it on PS4, don’t use the remote play feature, on PS4 when you try to access the remote play feature, often times this error shows.

Sign out all of your devices or accounts that you are using to access Minecraft, only let the incumbent device from where you are trying to play and access Minecraft. Launch the Minecraft application again, and you will see the issue has been fixed.

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You can’t specify the reason or issue that can make your Minecraft face error code-9.

I have tried to pen down, some of the most obvious, and common reasons and how to fix them. Well, if you are facing the issue, no one can tell you the exact reason.

You just recall the last events or settings you changed about your Minecraft account, and try to reverse them.

It could be installing updates, or installing software or application, or libraries.

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