How To Fix Internal Exception in Minecraft

Internal Exception in Minecraft

You are at the peak of your creativity in one of the most loved sandbox games, Minecraft, and then suddenly you get this message ‘internal exception Minecraft’.

And a notification appears that your connection is forcibly closed by the remote host and you won’t be able to continue playing the game.

What your feeling will be?

I am sure you too like any other game geek won’t like it, and more than that, you might lose some of your creativity.

So, what this internal exception Minecraft error is? What is the main reason behind this, and how can you fix this error and continue to play the game, as you are at the peak of your creativity?

Simply put, this is an internet connectivity error. This is the error when your computer’s internet connection and Minecraft servers can’t longer establish a secure connection and the chosen internet connection gets interrupted while getting the information back to your servers and computer.

Well, no one can tell you the exact reason for this happening, but we can mention and find out the most common reasons due to which internal exception Minecraft error can happen.

Besides we would also be narrating the most common solutions or methods to fix this error.

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Why internal exception Minecraft error happens?

Before we could solve the problem, we must figure out why this error happens.

This error is a failed internet error, which happens when your system fails to make a secure connection with the gaming server in our case Minecraft server.

Minecraft gamers face this error more than once, but most of the time it is because when gamers switch their servers by using a proxy, or change their location in the middle of the game, that makes the Minecraft servers change the location leading to the error.

More than that, this error most of the time around 90% happens when you play Minecraft and your computer fails to make a secure connection.

Well, it’s not only the failed internet connection errors that you may face while playing the game online in multiplayer mode, there are several others you may have to face.

But, in this guide, we will try to stick ourselves to this internal exception Minecraft error only.

This error can happen when you are using an outdated version of Minecraft Launcher. In that case, you need to uninstall the Java Minecraft Launcher and install the latest one.

But, you can’t learn if the error happens because of the outdated Java launcher, you can give this solution a try to check if that could fix the error.

You may face this error if the server resource pack is enabled in your game settings.

To fix the error in that particular case you will have to disable the error in the game settings.

Higher render distance could too lead to this error in your graphic settings by your GPU.

Or maybe you have installed security apps that are blocking the connection in the background, to prevent a secure connection.

Or maybe the error is from the Minecraft servers, but if it is because of the Minecraft servers, you will get to know soon, the social media storms will let you know if there is an error in the Minecraft servers internationally or in your region.

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Possible Solutions

These are possible solutions for internal exception in Minecraft:

Uninstall and reinstall Minecraft

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game can help you fix the internal exception error.

Keep in mind, this will only be fixed if it was from your computer side, if it is the router or other reasons, it won’t get fixed.

Let’s give the uninstalling and reinstalling a try and check if it could fix the error.

Press the Windows icon on your keyboard and search for the control panel.

Click on the Programs and navigate to uninstall a program.

Now find the Minecraft launcher by scrolling a little and clicking on the Uninstall button or right-click on the launcher to uninstall or modify it.

Once the launcher is uninstalled, restart your computer and then Press Windows Key + R to open the Run command.

Type “%AppData%” and press enter, you will see the roaming folder, navigate to the .minecraft folder, right-click o it, and click on ‘Run as Administrator.

Reboot your system and install Minecraft again.

Keep In mind, it’s not just the Minecraft uninstalling and reinstalling that will fix the error, you may have to repeat the Java as well.

Uninstall and reinstall the Java folder in the same way you did for the Minecraft launcher and reboot your system again.

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Update Minecraft Launcher

If it is a buggery or corrupted Launcher, that can too lead to an internal exception Minecraft error.

Well, you will never know if it was a corrupt launcher, just give this method a try and see if it fixes the error.

  • Go to the Minecraft launcherand double-click it to open it.
  • You will see a navigation option or button and open a new window.
  • Go to the Force Update option and click it.
  • Now click on the Apply the Launcher update and start updating the Minecraft launcher.
  • Within a few minutes, the Minecraft launcher will be updated, to see if it has fixed the error or not.

This error happens mostly when you use a cracked version of Minecraft or there are many other buggy files installed in your system to make hurdle the internet connectivity process.

Disable the buggy Program

Disabling the buggy program or checking which program is taking your system down and making you not play the game can be lengthy and time taking.

But believe me, this time spent is going to be worth it, and besides helping you find the black sheep also helps you protect your overall system from key loggers and many other buggery programs that can lead to frequent crashes of Minecraft and many others.

  • Press the windows icon and search for ‘System configuration’

  • Now navigate to the options of the service and disable all the software services running the system from the Window, disable by clicking on the disable all button.
  • From the same window Navigate to the Startup option and click on Open Task Manager to open the task manager and incumbent services or tasks that run with the system startup.

  • Now task manager will open, and you disable all the apps running with the startup of your system.

Keep in mind you will have to repeat the process for all the startups one by one, click on the disable button to disable all the services.

  • Click on Ok and Apply to save the changes.
  • Reboot the system to save all the configuration settings. Your system might show some notification about the particular apps or programs that are disabled, enabling them to enjoy the services, but neglect such notification.
  • Now enable a single program or startup one by one to find the buggy program or startup.

Keep in mind, don’t disable primary services or vital services to run Audio or videos like Nvidia, and Realtek while disabling the apps or programs.

Enable those important or primary programs, you may face no-sound or low resolution, or flickering errors.

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Clear Router Internal Cache

If you don’t clear the internal cache of your router, this too can lead to the internal exception Minecraft error.

To remove the cache, you just restart your router it will help you enhance the data transfer and also rectify connection issues.

  • To restart the router, press the power button for at least 10-15 seconds until the lights of the power button go off.
  • Now let the router be quiet for 5-10 minutes, don’t forget to unplug it.
  • Now plug the router into the power again, and start it to let it turn on once again.

Fault Service Packs

This particular solution is for those who play Minecraft in multiplayer mode. For single-player mode, it won’t be an issue with the service packs.

So, the error internal exception Minecraft can also be because of the buggy Service pack.

To fix the error, if it is because of Faulty service packs, click on the Minecraft launcher, open the game and navigate to the Multiplayer option.

  • Now navigate to the server causing you an error, and click on edit options beside the icon of the server. Just don’t go on any server, identify the problem causing the server.

  • Now navigate to the server resource packs and click on disable

  • Click on done, and now again go live and try to connect your server to the Minecraft server.

If you get the error frequently by using a high ping server, you can still get the issues, better would be to ignore that server and also ignore the high ping server rather than go with low ping rates to avoid these issues.

Disable NAT

If you are getting this error internal exception Minecraft frequently, and the above-mentioned method didn’t help you fix it, disabling the NAT aka hardware acceleration known in older routers can too help fix the error.

To disable the hardware acceleration or what is known as NAT in modern routers follow me along.

  • Open your browser and put your router’s IP address. In most cases, it is OR OR
  • It will take you to the admin control page, put the user name and ID and navigate to the LAN option.
  • Find Hardware acceleration or NAT and disable it, if it is checked, uncheck it.
  • Save the new settings and reconnect to your router manually without using hardware acceleration or NAT settings.

Change Router DNS

Your router DNS too can quarrel with your Minecraft game server, and changing the router DNS too can help you fix the error. Follow me along to get this done.

  • Press the Windows Key and search for the Control panel
  • Find network and Internet option

    • Click on the internet and sharing center the first option in the internet and connectivity Tab
  • Now click on the change adapter setting on the left side of the tab

  • Now double-click on your active internet connection and go into the properties.
  • Now go into the network and check on the Internet Protocol Version 4, and go into the properties of that network
  • Now click on the Use the Following DNS Server Address and enable it manually

  • Use in the Primary DNS field and in the secondary DNS address box

  • Click on Ok to save the settings.

While most ISP gives their custom DNS address and putting the public DNS address can in some cases create issues.

So before you change to the Public DNS, save the existing DNS so that you don’t get an issue.


I am pretty sure that by following this guide and making the changes as per our mentioned the error internal exception Minecraft will get fixed easily.

If you still get that error, and nothing is helping you to fix this error, what you can do is shoot an email to the Minecraft support team and seek their help, also mention the methods or ways you had already followed to fix the error.

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