$annotatedconnectexception fix

You love playing Minecraft, don’t you? If you are an avid Minecraft gamer you know that more than often when you try to connect to a Minecraft server you simply couldn’t.

What’s the error code you get when you try to connect to run Minecraft but it times out due to the Minecraft server somehow not responding to your server request for connectivity?

Isn’t it the “$annotatedconnectexception” you get?

Fret not, you are not alone. As per the stats, around 20% of the total users get this issue more than often.

Maybe you are a pro, and you could solve the issue, but people like me, not as good at technical things as you are, simply can’t fix this and drop playing the game for the next time.

But, this time, with some research, I was able to fix the issue, and the things I have to go through are simply going to be narrated in plain English, to help users to fix this time-out error.

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What causes$annotatedconnectexception error?

The error can be more than one reason, and more than one thing can cause the errors. The most common, and experts mentioned are the below-mentioned.

IP Address Issue

If there is an IP issue, you can’t connect to the Minecraft server, and your server without any response from the official Minecraft server will make you hang on for a long time.

IP issue, there can be two types of issues, it can be either an IP address issue or a port issue because both are an important part of connecting you to the appropriate server.

Outdated Software

If you are not tech-savvy like me and don’t like updating Java software or even the Minecraft Version you are playing, you too may face this kind of error.

Outdated Java can too receive lots of this kind of notification, making you not connect to the Minecraft official server.

Incompatible Software

If you have incompatible software too you can encounter such an issue.

I will discuss this section as a solution and elaborate on which software are not compatible with Minecraft, and if you have any of them installed, you should right away uninstall them.

How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception

The issue is not merely limited to the single player trying to connect to the servers, but for the multiplayer mode too. It’s in the multiplayer mode, and most of the users have to face the issue.

We already have mentioned the root cause of this problem which is IP connectivity.

The other causes can be the Java programs, server blocking by the Windows firewalls, and software compatibility.

Add exception to the Firewall settings

When your IP changes or you try to access the Minecraft server from a different port, this change in IP or port can lead to connection time out$annotatedconnectexception error.

Your Windows Firewall or the VPN you are using can block you from accessing the servers. The best possible solution to the error can be adding an exception in your firewall setting to fix the error.

To get this done follow me along.

  • Press the Windows Key on the Keyboard
  • Type Windows security in the search bar

Windows Security

  • Navigate to the Firewall and Network Option


  • Move down and select allow an app through the firewall

Allow App through firewall

  • Change the settings and select allow another app option again. Browse the game installation directory folder and choose the Minecraft launcher executable.

Internet Properties

  • Repeat the same process, but this time when you browse, it should be done through the directory where your Minecraft servers are installed.
  • Get into the Minecraft server folder, and let the Java Executable in the folder.
  • Again repeat the same process, but this time, don’t click on the allow an app, rather scroll down a little and find Java Platform SE Binary.
  • Allow this Java Platform SE binary option for private as well as Public Networks.

Now, again launch the Minecraft game once more, and you will see the error has been fixed.

In your case, if you don’t see the error fixing, there are many other methods or ways we are elaborating in the guide stick to the guide.

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Uninstall incompatible Software or Program to Minecraft

There are incompatible software or programs installed in your system you can’t access the Minecraft server, or they make it hard through various errors like$annotatedconnectexception.

Well, now how would you know which programs or software you have which are not compatible with Minecraft?

There is a list of such programs you can search online, and read about them. If you have any of them installed, uninstall them right away to enjoy a smooth sailing of Minecraft game.

Programs such as Virtual Ethernet, Hamachi, and many others produce a conflict with Minecraft and make it hard for the code to run smoothly.

Plus, install only genuine and authenticated plugins or software in your system, if you have malicious software or programs installed, then you may face a conflict error.

Well, if you are certain that you don’t have a Virtual Ethernet Connection with Hamachi installed on your PC, that’s Okay.

If not, then try to check it in the control panel, and see if you have any program or software with the name installed.

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Check your IP address and Port

Static IP is one of the finest things you can get to enjoy a seamless Minecraft gaming address. With a static address, connecting to the internet won’t change your IP address.

If you don’t have a static IP address, when you connect to the internet, every time it changes your IP address which is making it hard for you to connect without getting an error.

Press WINDOWS+R a new window will appear, type CMD and you will enter the command prompt. Now type IPCONFIG and take note of the IPV4 address.

Go to Minecraft server Folder -> Maxwell -> MinecraftServer. Open the server properties text document and check the number under the server Port.

Now launch Minecraft and go to the Multiplayer option

Select the chosen server and click on Edit. The IPV4 server and server port we have found and noted, enter there and click done.

Restart your PC, and you will see the issue does not persist now.

Portfowarding Network100

Portforwarding network100 too is an effective way to eradicate this problem and fix connectivity server errors.

To get this done follow me along.

  • Access your WI-FI router settings by entering the name and password.
  • Click on the Portforwarding tab then Virtual server and then Advanced.
  • Note down your device name, port, and IP address. Keep In mind, save these things somewhere you could instantly access because we are going to use this information.
  • Fill this info in your computer settings and save.
  • Choose the protocol, don’t worry, it won’t be a big difference if you pick TCP or UDP or both.
  • Apply and save the settings.

Restart your Minecraft, try to see if the issue persists, and hope it will be fixed.

Slow internet or multiple users from the same server trying to access the same gaming server

That happens, especially in college hostels and others where gamers gather under one roof.

There is no solution for that, what you can do is wait, and check if there is a load released on the server to help you connect again.

But most of the time, it’s because of your poor internet connection. If you have a poor internet connection, which surely will stop you from getting the online server.

A slow internet connection takes time to convey the info between your server and the gaming server which leads to a time-out error.

Check your internet connection bandwidth speed, and verify if it is good for playing Minecraft games.

If not then, go with another service provider, and let the incumbent network provider go away.

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Use your VPN

There is another easy fixation, if you are not tech-savvy like me, this is the best procedure you can go along.

To fix$annotatedconnectexception connect to your virtual private network or VPN.

We are going to break down the process here, this method is not very popular, so maybe some of you won’t follow it along, because no one other mentions it.

  • Activate your VPN, and set a location whose server is nearer to your location.
  • Now launch Minecraft and join the Minecraft server from that preferred location.
  • Play the game, and you will get the connectivity issue fixed, but don’t turn off the VPN.
  • Deactivate your VPN when you are done playing.


The error$annotatedconnectexception in a nutshell could explain as a timed-out error.

This time-out can occur for more than one reason, and we mentioned the most possible reasons and their fixation.

Maybe some of the fixes might not work for you, but one of them will surely help you get rid of the error.

So, try to follow more than one method, and if possible get your IP address static, or buy a VPN to help get rid of the issue right away.

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