Be DICEs BFF – get a unique dogtag

The lastest MP update for Battlefield 3 introduced the DICE Friends dogtag – but how do you get it?

In a clever community building move, DICE introduced a new dogtag to their enormously popular Battlefield 3 – the DICE Friends dogtag. This dogtag is only awarded to selected members of the community who crate outstanding content and who have supported the community and DICE throughout the years. And not just in Battlefield 3, this can be in any Battlefield title.

“These dogtags can only be received through recommendations by other people and/or what we have seen so far from you in the community,” says Daniel Matros, Global Battlefield Community Manager, to MCV Nordic. “If you want to recommend someone, please hit us up on twitter, forums or anywhere you see fit. Of course we will need material in order to decide whether this person is worthy of the tag or not. We are rolling out the first batch of these dogtags later this week for 20 people. After that, we will take a look at more names and successfully add those to our DICE Friends dogtag list.”

Daniel also gave us a short list of things that might net you one of these elusive dogtags:

  • Mods
  • Videos
  • Apps
  • Stats sites
  • Websites
  • Newsposts
  • Forum moderators (Only official channels)
  • Community spokespeople
  • Community organizers

So anyone who really wants to stand out by sporting a super exclusive dogtag in-game had better get cracking on the next ‘guy shooting down a jet with a rocket launcher in mid-air’ video.