Fixing Roblox Error Code 267 in No Time! Here’s How

Roblox is one of the most popular games and gaming platforms that not only lets millions of players around the globe play their favorite games but create games using the tools provided. If you compare the popularity of this game, I can safely say, it is as popular as Minecraft.

So we can imagine how much love and appreciation gamers feel about this gaming platform.

What if you are playing a game on Roblox or doing an activity, creating a game, giving your thoughts a channel to make a superb game and you suddenly are kicked out of the platform or game?

Due to its high popularity, numbers of people play and go active at one time, and people often a time get many different errors. The most common of them is ‘Roblox Error Code 267’.

Well, people also get many other errors like Error code 277, Error code 268, and many others, but in this guide, we are going to focus solely on Error code 267.

If this error occurs, players are forced to go out of the activity or play, in the middle of the game or creation. So, before you again get this error, let’s fix it and pay attention to why this happens, and how can this be solved one and for all.

What is Error Code 267 [In Details?]

It’s not just one reason or cause that triggers the error to happen, this is no single anomaly in the game, it happens and occurs in multiple instances. But the most common and usual occurrence is due to illegal script on the server.

The usual occurrence of this error code is that the gaming platform suspects that you are using an illegal script. The script that could help you in the game competing, will kick you out of the lobby and shows the error code 267.

Most of the time, it can be wrong, maybe you just switch the servers, or the internet and the Roblox servers mistakenly detects you of suspicious activity.

Roblox is a highly popular gaming platform with millions of active users daily, to manage this number of users, and protect the platform from illegal activities or hacks, things like these are important.

If it was just because of the switch of the server, ISP, or using a VPN, when you will log in again, the error can get fixed. But, if it was due to real illegal or unauthorized method or procedure activity, then you might get suspended and get this error code.

Sometimes, gamers or creators also face the error if their account is banned. Servers can blacklist or whitewash your IP address and kick you out with the error code 267.

The error can also occur if there are third-party extensions installed in your browser, or when the internet connection you are using is slow. In either case, it is, you can always fix the error and get into the game once more.

How to Fix Error Code 267

The biggest benefit of any game with millions of active users is that whatever error you face, you always get a solution. And same happens with Roblox too, due to the massive following, the error that occurs in the game can easily be found around the internet and gets fixed.

Its active users and their feedback that help others to fix their issues and errors too. The same goes with Error code 267, now that you know the real reason why this error happens, now let’s get into the solutions.

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Join another Server

The error code 267 mostly happens on a server when you are playing or accessing the platform from the server for the longest time. Like if you are continuously playing a game for hours, or creating a game then join another server or a private server.

Join a private server, do some activity, and then leave the server, join again what was showing you the error code 267. If you can’t find another server, or a private server, try using a public server, before you try other methods.

With this method following, you will at least know that it’s not because of router cache, or your server’s issues you are facing the error.

Unstable Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not safe, secure, or stable, you too might get this error and the Roblox servers might kick you out and shows error code 267.

So if you are certain that your internet connection is stable or active, then go with other methods don’t read this further.

But if you know that your server’s bandwidth sometimes can show you an error, due to limit then try connecting your computer with an Ethernet cable.

Most of the time, if the error is due to the router or your servers, you can do the trick and check if your internet speed is boosted tenfold than it’s not from the Roblox server, it’s your side showing the error.

Use the right updated Browser

If you are using an outdated browser or a not-recommended browser by the Roblox team, then you may face the error. In that case, you should switch to the right updated browser, and try to access Roblox using that updated browser.

The recommended browser by the Roblox team is Chrome. Due to its overwhelming acceptance, security, and compatibility, the browser is one of the finest and most recommended by Roblox. You can use it, and check if you still get the issue.

Update the Chrome browser, maybe the last update you received is making your browser show the error, the latest update helps fix the compatibility issue.

It’s not just the Chrome browser, the Roblox team recommends or Roblox runs smoothly. Browser such as Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox too is chromium-based and helps you run Roblox smoothly. If your browser is updated and from the recommended list, try accessing Roblox using a different browser.

If you still can’t get the issue fixed, try uninstalling and reinstalling a browser in the fresh memory so that all the previous cache or old setting settings get scrapped giving you a fresh slot to browse and access the internet.

And if the Chrome browser is not your default browser, make it a default browser, it is one of the most trusted and secured browsers to play Roblox on Browser.

Reset your browser settings

Maybe the browser cache or old browser cache setting is taking you down, preventing you to access Roblox, and making you face the error. To reset browser settings, reset your browser settings.

  • Open Chrome or the browser your prefer
  • Find the gear icon and click on it
  • Click on advanced options
  • And find the rest browser to default settings or reset button
  • Click it
  • And then launch the browser again
  • Check if the Roblox is working fine.

Disable Extensions

As you know Roblox is supported on Browser, and a large number of people access the Roblox platform from the browser. If you too do that and getting the issue, try accessing using a Roblox launcher.

I am sure you won’t get the issue. If you still get the issue, maybe you have installed a non-compatible extension like an Ad blocker.

Well, extensions are amazing, and helpful in doing lots of things in no time. But sometimes, this extension can make a compatibility issue with the Roblox platform and blocks your access to the gaming platform. To disable the extensions follow me along.

Launch the Chrome on your PC

Click on the three dots in the top right corner. It will open some settings. Go to more tools, and click on Extensions settings.

Here you will see all the extensions you have installed, some would be active. Check all the installed and active extensions, and uninstall the extensions you think you don’t use or need at all. Disable those, or remove them from your system.

For some time, if you don’t know which extension is making you face the error, you can disable all the extensions. Now, switch them all one by one with every reloading on every extension enabled, it will help you figure out which extensions are making you ace the error.

Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox

For the users of Roblox accessing the gaming platform through the launcher, there is a high chance, this error will occur due to corrupt or buggy files. To fix this error or issue, you either update the Roblox launcher or uninstall and install again the latest version.

First, try to update the launcher, go to the launcher and check if it is the latest version, if not then update the latest version and if there are any updates available hit the update button.

If the issue persists, uninstall the Launcher. Press the Windows button on your keyboard, search the control panel- Go to Programs, navigate to the Roblox launcher, right-click on it, go with uninstall, and let the system uninstall the launcher.

Go to the official Roblox website, and download the latest version available. Don’t forget to reboot your system.

Also, delete the game from the home screen too, and navigate back to the library to install it again.

Uninstalling and installing again will refresh the state of the game in your system and help fix the most common memory and various other problems.

Make a new account

If the issue persists and you could not fix the error by following any of the methods, the last resort is to dump your old account and make a new account.

Keep in mind, it should be the last thing, don’t dump an account that easily, try to fix the error by following all of the methods, and also take Roblox officials on board by sending them an email and telling them the issue you are facing.

If nothing worked for you, the last thing you should do is to make a new account.

Making a new account is always there, you could create it anytime, but with new account creation, the unblocked skins and features on your Roblox account will all be gone. You will have to get those features unblocked again by paying or by reaching the milestones.

I can feel the pain and agony you will go through by dumping the old account and creating a new one, getting back to square one all over again, with zero special skins. After spending countless hours on making an original account, you are all there to square zero, to nothing.

But, I am pretty sure if you follow all of the methods, ways, or procedures I explained, you will be able to fix the ERROR CODE 267 easily. If you couldn’t the chances are, your account or your IP is banned by the Roblox servers.


In this guide, we tried to help you fix Roblox error code 267. We tried to provide you with some of the top and easy-to-follow solutions.

Roblox is undoubtedly one of the most popular games ever designed. Despite releasing in 2006, the game got millions of active users daily, due to the heavy traffic, the Roblox owners too have strict guidelines and usually block an account if they are suspicious about the activity.

The Roblox error code 267 too can happen due to suspicious activity. Some users also mentioned switching their servers or ISP in the middle of the game or activity made them get the error mentioned.

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