Fix Roblox Error Code 277 – Quick And Simple

Roblox Error Code 277

Robox is a massively popular online multiplayer game as well as a game-creating platform that let gamers take their imagination at their disposal and carve out amazing games.

It is a hugely popular platform with millions of active users daily. What makes gaming and other activities disturbed is errors. Roblox errors are notorious, and one such error is error code 277.

This error keeps gamers disconnected from the Roblox gaming server and disrupts the entire gaming experience.

When I got this error the first time, I thought, I am the only one getting the error. But when I searched it online, I saw thousands of people complaining about such errors. After analyzing and researching, I got to know that it’s a two-end problem.

Either your internet is slow, and dropping or by the time the requests from the Roblox servers reach back to your device or server, it times out, with a massage popping Roblox Error 277.

The error can occur due to the Roblox servers too, like if the Roblox server is having a hard time, or crashed due to unusual traffic.

Top reasons why you get Roblox error code 277

Roblox error code 277 can occur anytime, there are more than one reasons why this error happens, but the below mentioned are the most common and obvious reasons.

You must figure out the reason why this error happens because that will make you find the related solution quite seamlessly.

Corrupted Windows files can be a reason why error code 277 occurs. Your windows register files sometimes get damaged by installing cracked apps and software which can be a threat to Roblox and your system too.

The easiest and most obvious fixation, in that case, is, to uninstall the cracked version of the software and fix the Windows registry.

This error can also occur due to a bug in the Roblox platform. The Roblox client would freeze if the message resent in the queue reaches 35, then, the server becomes unresponsive and won’t connect to your computer thus showing you the error. It happens when the game is big with more than 4500 parts, and the limit is 3000 parts.

If the gamer’s server is down due to maintenance or if the game developer is adding some features to the game. In that case, too you won’t be able to access the game, the only solution in such a scenario is to wait and watch.

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How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277?

It’s very frustrating getting disconnected when you are full of imagination and in full mode to play the game and compete with your competitors.  But we can’t do anything, just to fix the error and move on.

Let’s see the top solutions you can do, after finding out the reason you are facing the error.

Roblox Utility Tool

If the error is because of the corrupt Windows register files, then to fix it you will have to download the Roblox utility tool and fix the error. Not only for Roblox but for your overall system, the utility tool will work for the betterment of your system and make you a clean system without bugs and corrupted files or folders.

To get the tool used follow me along.

  • Download the Roblox utility tool from the official providers.
  • Install the software and click on the clean button
  • The tool will scan through your Windows register files to find the big one, so be patient.
  • It will take time to find the problem, once it is found the problem and showed it, clicking on the fix button will help you instantly fix it.

Reboot your computer and there you are with your system Windows register files scanned and fixed, now hopefully you won’t get the error.

Make Chrome your Default Browser

Chrome is one of the secure and safest browsers to access Roblox, if you are playing Roblox on a browser, it is better you play on Chrome, and make this browser your default browser. Although you can play the game on any browser, it is important if you get any error, try to check if you are getting the same error on the Chrome browser too. If there too is an error, that means, it is not because of the browser issue.

Even in the case of Chrome Browser, you should update it and check if it is the latest version. In the latest updates, if there is the latest update available, hit the update button and check if you get the same error or not.

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As per Roblox officials, the best Operating System to play Roblox is Windows. But with Windows 10, gamers started getting errors because the Roblox was made before Windows 10 came out. So sometimes, if you are playing the game on Windows 10 you may get compatibility errors or issues.

So to fix the compatibility issue, run the compatibility troubleshooter, and if that too does not fix the error, change the Roblox compatibility mode settings.

Windows has a compatibility Troubleshooter that helps you find out if there is a compatibility issue, to run the compatibility troubleshooter follow me along.

  • Click the Windows button on your keyboard
  • Windows’ famous search bar will open a search for Run and click on the previous versions of Windows From the search results.
  • A new window will appear Click on the next button
  • Now, you will see all the apps and programs installed in your system.
  • Select Roblox from that, and let the troubleshooter diagnose the errors or corrupt files in the selected application. Once it finds it, it will show the recommended troubleshooting option.

Restart your System, and see if the error is fixed.

  • If not, change the compatibility settings.
  • Right-click on the Roblox app and click on the properties
  • Run this app in compatibility mode, by clicking on the compatibility tab.
  • Choose any windows version you want to run the Roblox app and save changes.

Delete Roblox Log Files

Corrupt files and logs are what make your system slow. If there are lots of log files stored, then you can get the error code 277 on Roblox. The logs take up lots of space on your hard drive and lead your system to have the error mentioned. To delete the log files follow me along.

  • Press ‘Windows+R’ and search the Run dialog.
  • Launch the Run dialog box
  • Type %localappdata%Roblox\logs and press enter
  • Select all by pressing ‘CTRL+A’ and press Shift+Delete to delete all the log files
  • Run the box again and past the given command this time.
  • ‘%USERPROFILE%AppData\LocalLow\BbxLogs’
  • Again select all and delete all the log files.
  • Hope this will fix the error.

Connect to a different network

Trying to connect to a different network too helps you fix different types of Roblox errors along with Error 277. So, if you using a home WI-FI try connecting the mobile data or a public WI-FI, to see if it fixes the error.

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Check for Windows Update

If you have your Windows updates disabled that too can cause the error. So turn on the updates and let the system apply those updates sometimes which fixes this kind of error.

  • Press the Windows+I button it will open Windows settings.
  • Click update and security
  • Click on Windows Update on the Left side panel and click on Check for updates
  • If there are updates, click on update and apply those updates. It will require restarting your system, rebooting your system, and letting the updates get applied.

Flush DNS

Some Roblox experts also mentioned fixing the error by Flushing their DNS. You too can try your luck and see if this works for you.

  • Search for Command Prompt or CMD in the Windows search bar
  • Right-click on it and run it as administrator
  • Click yes to let the Administrator Command Prompt open
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns and press enter
  • Type ipconfig/registerdns and press enter
  • Type ipconfig/release and press enter
  • Type ipconfig/renew and press enter
  • Type ‘netsh winsock’ reset and hit enter
  • Close the Command Prompt Windows and restart your computer

Clear browser cache

Time and again you should delete your browser cache. Because sometimes due to the loaded browser cache the Roblox files don’t get loaded properly and that leads to disconnection problems. Clearing the cache removes the old cache files and lets the system make a new fresh cache.

  • To clear your Chrome browser cache click on the three dots on the top right corner of Chrome Window
  • Click on More tools
  • Go to Clear browsing data on your browser and hit the clear button to clear all the cache and temporary data stored in your browser.

Disable ad blockers and extensions

If you are getting access to Roblox using your browser on Roblox studios and still experiencing the same issue, then you should disable the ad blocker and extensions. Sometimes extensions and ad blockers make compatibility issues and block Roblox files from getting loaded properly.

So if you are using an ad blocker, remove it right away, and if you are fond of using lots of extensions then disable all the extensions and try loading the Roblox to see if it fixes the error.

  • To remove unwanted extensions and ad blockers open Chrome
  • At the top right click more -> More Tools -> Extensions
  • Click on Remove to remove the wanted extension

Firewall Blocking

A firewall is a security tool that blocks and filters traffic to prevent unwanted or harmful connections from getting access to your system. And sometimes, the firewall too can block the Roblox connection by thinking it’s harmful, which too can lead to Roblox code 2077.

So we need to tell our system’s firewall that doesn’t block Roblox servers they are genuine and let me play the game.

Press the Windows button on your keyboard

  • Search ‘Control Panel’ in the Windows search bar, and select system and security
  • From the control panel select the Windows defender Firewall option to open Firewall settings.
  • From the left side of the open window, select allow button and it will let you choose the application or program to bypass the firewall.
  • Locate the program and select it, in our case it is Roblox
  • Now check the radio buttons stating to allow both public and private networks.
  • Save the changes and reboot your computer


Roblox is not a very heavy graphics gaming platform, still, due to heavy traffic and massive popularity, it can show glitches.

Technical glitches as well as errors can take your gaming experience and creativity down. It’s not just error code 277, there are many other similar kinds one can experience in getting access to the system.

In this guide, we tried to help you by narrating the top solutions. You can follow through the guide, to get the error code 277 fixed.

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